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iCOMMS - Information for Community Oriented Municipal Services

Access to basic amenities, service delivery and the responsiblity of governments to deliverĀ appropriate services are key concerns for developing countries throughout the world.

Whilst cities and urban hubs have shown a substantial improvement, rural areas are falling behind and the gap between the urban and rural communities in relation to access to basic sanitation, drinking water, etc. is increasing.

It is important to hold governments responsible and to ensure that there is a delivery on the commitment to providing the basic human needs for their people.

The aim of our research and our work is to support governments by providing appropriate information in order to plan and deliver better services.

We believe that mobile technologies and ICT4D applications have created an opportunity to improve the ways in which we collect data, improve information flow and create a workflow that allows priority-based decision making.

Over the last four years our work has focused on the Water Sector and the delivery of safe drinking water as part of the Aquatest Project

As part of this project we have develop a number of mobile applications called the Water Quality Reporter and the Water Quality Manager to enable municipalities to report and manage water quality in rural communities over great distances.